Nothing beats an afternoon nap

“I usually take a two-hour nap from one to four.”  

–Yogi Berra

As I kindergartner, I LOVED naptime.  I’d polish off my miniature carton of chocolate milk, chat up a few of my classmates, then settle down for a little R&R on my brightly colored nap mat.  Life was good.

Many years later, afternoon naps remain a guilty pleasure that I indulge now and then.  For Beau and Miss Thing, conversely, EVERY day is nap day!

When Beau was a tiny lad, his favorite napping spot was under my office chair, in positions that in NO WAY suggested comfort. Yet there he’d be, happily ensconced and snoring like a field hand.

Bug, ever the lady, is a bit more picky about her resting place.  She generally prefers the office couch–leather is cooler and those cushions are oh so fluffy…. As Beau has gotten older (and bigger) he’s followed her lead and is

now content to join her.

The two of them are such company for me as I work, a gentle reminder that no matter how hectic the day may be, a few minutes of relaxation of can be enormously restorative.  My dearly departed grandmother spoke often of ‘the pause that refreshes.’  Lola & Beau know just what she was talking about….

4 comments on “Nothing beats an afternoon nap

  1. LexoKat says:

    I’m so jealous every time I see my two dogs nap. I mean, they do it 24/7. Is that still called a nap, or a continuous sleep? All they do is eat.. play.. and sleep. And to be honest, they would give up their play time and walk time to sleep. Lucky them!

  2. kath says:

    Hey! We have something else in common! I too have a dearly departed nana that I miss every day, and would kill for a nap every afternoon around 2:00! That Lola looks like such a diva! You go girl! And Beau? Well….. what can I say about my love of chocolate?

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