They grow so fast…

“To get back one’s youth one has merely to repeat one’s follies.” 

–Oscar Wilde

Lola Bug has been my best girl for almost four years now, yet I can remember bringing her home as clearly as if it were last week.  She was so precious–tiny and snuggly and warm–and we both knew we belonged together from the moment we met.  She came over, crawled up in my lap and settled in as if to say, “What took you so long?!”  She has been a source of love and laughter every day since.  I feel so lucky to have discovered Cavaliers–they are truly a fabulous breed.

And then there’s the Beau Man. I knew I loved chocolate, but didn’t realize how truly sweet it could be.  This little man came barreling into our lives last October and hasn’t looked back.  What began on a Monday as a *measured* search for a reputable breeder who might be having a litter in the spring moved quickly to a lead on a *fabulous* chocolate male puppy who by a twist of fate was available to a good home and ended that Sunday with Beau resting in my arms for the drive home from Barrington, NH.  A more loved animal you will not likely find….
Fast forward to the present, where we are blessed with two beautiful, loving animals who find *some* way to move us every day–be it to a moan of frustration, a helpless giggle or an intense wave of love.  These creatures give us love unstintingly and, at the risk of sounding maudlin, they are *always* gone too soon.  They grow SO FAST.
To wit, a photo of Miss Thing and Beau hanging out with me in mid October and in virtually the same pose last week!  All I can say is savor every day…..

One comment on “They grow so fast…

  1. kath says:

    Look at that fat chocolate belly!! Typical of her puppies! I’ll send you a picture of Tug the day we brought him home to prove it! haha! We put him on an exercise first/eat later diet that first day!
    I remember when we first spoke, your husband was still mourning his loss and boy do I know how that feels. Looks like Beau has helped to heal the broken heart and I couldn’t be happier for you all! Where would we be without these amazing souls?

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