R.I.P. Little Hedgehog

Well, it happened, as I knew eventually it would.  This morning at around 4 a.m. Beau performed a surgical excision of the little hedgehog’s squeaker.  In short, the operation was a success, but the patient died.

Beau is bereft; Donna is despondent.

3 comments on “R.I.P. Little Hedgehog

  1. […] about the demise of one of Bug & Beau’s favorite stuffed toys, the little Hedgehog (Click here to view the crime scene […]

  2. kath says:

    Rudder becomes the squeaky toy when he has performed that operation! Luckily he has not swallowed one, they are very dangerous, but he will lay on the bed an squeak it in his teeth for long stretches! I actually video taped him as a squeak toy! haha! Poor hedgehog! Little does he know that if you pull all the stuffing out and toss it away, the dogs love him even more!! He’s reborn!

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