Birthday boy!

“Life is too short to be small.”

–Benjamin Disraeli

First day home…

The balloons are inflated, the candle is set aside, and the Frosty Paws are chillin’ in the freezer, for today is a special day here at Chez Feinberg.  It’s the Beaumeister’s 1st birthday!!  It hardly seems possible that the round, brown bundle of puppy love we brought home last October could already be marking a year on the calendar.

Little man’s first car ride

When he first came home, he was ALL belly and paws and so, so squeezable.  🙂  His little ‘Buddha belly’ was round and warm and smelled like all the things that are most precious about babies. His coat was soft as goose down and his little teeth were like hypodermic needles.  ;-/

He ate, slept, played and peed and we adored him.  Some 8 months later, not much has changed (aside from his size and the length of time between potty breaks).


Big boy chillin’….

Happy Birthday, Beau!! We love you!!

Research Says: My Personality Profile Is Aligned With A Great Dane (Ouch)

A fun quiz and interesting article from fellow blogger David Kanigan.  His blog “Lead.Learn.Live” is fabulous–I take away something wonderful from it virtually every day!  And as readers of my blog know, I’m a ‘split personality’ who loves a Chocolate Lab and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with equal ferocity.


Research Says: My Personality Profile Is Aligned With A Great Dane (Ouch).