“Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.”

–Gladys Browyn Stern

I recently received word from my friend David Kanigan, creator of the fabulous blog Lead.Learn.Live , that he had nominated me for the “Blog of the Year” award.  This is my second nomination for this award; I was also generously nominated by Cristi of the delightful blog Simple.Interesting a short time ago.  Suffice it to say that, in the words of my Aussie pals, I was ‘gobsmacked!’

As I read through the list of my fellow nominees, my anxiety grew. Not only had I been included in prestigious company, but  many of the blogs that I admire and follow myself were recognized as well, thereby narrowing the field for my own nominations.  Fellow nominee, Mimi of Waiting for the Karma Truck quickly revved her engine and fired off her acceptance speech, pulling yet *another* chunk of my favorites out of play with her nominations. My panic mounted–how to properly acquit myself and do justice to the award–that became my challenge.  And time, obviously, is of the essence.  So without further hesitation, I offer up my nominees….

  • Inga’s Angle:  A wonderful photo journal of New York City.  Inga has an unerring eye and always gives one a new perspective on the Big Apple.
  • The Jolyn Project: This remarkable young woman again and again hits the mark–whether evoking a smile, laughter or tears, her posts never fail to move me.
  • The Book of Alice: Alice, a.k.a. The Kidling, is one bright little light with observations that are by turns remarkable and risible; fortunately The Mama is on hand to capture the moments and provide ‘color commentary’ as needed.

All of these delightful blogs (and so many others), bring inspiration, laughter, insight, knowledge and wonder to my world each day, as do each of you who follow this blog and take the time to ‘like’ and comment upon my posts.  Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself with me. The rules for accepting this award and sharing the wealth may be found at The Thought Palette.

20 comments on “THANK YOU!!

  1. Congrats and yes to more posts Lori 🌈💚👏👏

  2. russtowne says:

    Hi, Lori. I hope to see more posts from you. I say this for two reasons, both extremely selfish. The first is that I enjoy your posts. The second is that I see how much you read, like, and comment on my blog, and I’ve love to be able to return the favor.

    With much appreciation,


    • Awwww, Russ, you just made my day–thank you!! I really enjoy posting, but just haven’t been terribly organized of late. I need to rectify that. 🙂 Will try to get something out there soon, and will look forward to you checking in! 🙂 Warmly, Lori

  3. jolynproject says:

    This is so funny. I am on your blog to nominate you for a different award and I see this. lol Thank you so much! Now I edit this post to include you in my thank you for this award nomination.

  4. Really really cool.
    Something caught my eye… I’m trying to put a book I wrote about my DeafBlind son from the eyes of his big brother and sister… Can’t find a publisher that will help me and cost is too high. Been trying to figure out if I can do an ebook instead… I see at the bottom you do ebooks… Any advice for me?

  5. Ted Ferguson says:

    Congratulations! Since you are the only blog I read, my opinion may not count for much. But then again, you are the only blog I read, so that alone says something!

    Love the word risible, btw. One of those words for which there are few substitutes. Knew that Latin would come in handy at some point…

    • Thx bro, I appreciate it. :-). Suffice it to say there are *many* wonderful blogs out there–I was just fortunate enough to catch someone’s eye. There’s still much work to be done.

      And yes, risible *is* a great word, isn’t it? I love it, too, and picture Janet Cox introducing the verb “risere” every time I use it. You’re right, ya never know when Latin is going to crop up. 🙂

  6. Thomas Ross says:

    It’s a well-deserved award, Lori. Congrats.

    My dog, Sammie, spent the day running on the beach and leaping through the waves. A model of how to live one’s life, I think.



    • Hi Tom,

      Lovely to hear from you, as always. Thank you for your kind words.

      I’m delighted to hear that you were out watching Sammie frolic today–always an uplifting experience for one’s heart, I find.

      Take care and be kind to yourself. Happy holidays….


  7. ferragudofan says:

    congratulations on your award and thank you for sharing it with other deserving blogs

  8. russtowne says:

    Congratulations. You have named some of my favorite blogs too.


  9. mimijk says:

    I delight in your receipt of this award, celebrate the reality that others are equally ‘gobsmacked’ by your talent, your warmth, your creativity and overall terrific-ness. Congratulations dear friend, and I’m sorry I mentioned some of those that were on your list, for they are lucky to be there. As am I, to be your friend..xox

    • Thank you, sweetie! Your words and friendship warm my soul. As for our lists, it matters not who mentions whom, so long as the many wonderful people out there get their moment in the sun. Love you tons….

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