They like me, they really, really like me!

Let me begin (with a shout out to Sally Fields for the intro) by offering abject apologies for my delayed response to a series of wonderful blogging awards that have been bestowed upon me of late.  The tardiness of my response is by no means a measure of my gratitude, but rather a reflection of the fear that I will not be able to adequately fulfill the mandates of accepting said awards.  And now, with that disclaimer issued, I will get to the meat of the matter…

In order to accept the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award,” I must do the following:

Link back to the person who nominated you:

Thank you very much for deeming me worthy of this award, Maureen @  Magnolia Beginnings is itself a wonderfully inspiring little corner of the web, and if you haven’t had occasion to mosy on by and check it out yet, I would strongly encourage you to rectify that immediately.  Ya never know what little insight or spiritual boost you’ll come away with!

Post the award image to your page: Check!

Tell seven facts about yourself: Wow, this is tough (these sorts of lists are one of the primary reasons I’ve been procrastinating about my ‘acceptance speech’). That said, here goes….

  1.  In high school, I was an active member of the Latin Club.  My teacher was beyond amazing and was always coming up with inventive methods for stimulating our minds and making learning more interesting.  To wit: one of the coolest projects we ever did was translate instructions on the mummification process and then carry them out on a cornish game hen.  Girlfriend was tough as an old leather shoe by the time we were done with her, that’s all I’m sayin’, and she was most *definitely* not deteriorating….At the end of the exercise, she even had a custom made sarcophagus…
  2. For my 16th birthday, my parents gave me a cherry red 1966 Mustang convertible.  (One of the perks of being a Ford dealer’s daughter, thank you very much!)
  3. I have always loved languages and have been blessed with a certain facility for same–as a kid, my heart’s desire was to be a translator at the U.N.  (a desire viewed as decidedly bizarre by many  inhabitants of the little Midwestern farming community where I grew up).
  4. I graduated in the top 2% of my undergraduate class at the University of Illinois and have my name engraved on a bronze tablet in the library. (Yikes, I’m sounding increasingly nerdy here, aren’t I?!)
  5. I LOVE to travel.
  6. I’ve been to Tasmania and seen those little devils with my own eyes (no, they are not just cartoon characters :-))
  7. I love working out and feel odd if I don’t head for the gym each morning.

Nominate 10 other blogs (I”m sorry, but this is where I fall down.  Having excluded several of my absolute, ‘go-to’ blogs because they’ve already been honored with many awards (‘Waiting for the Karma Truck‘; “Lead.Learn.Live“; and “Help Me Rhonda“, I have 7 others that I’d like to highlight. N.B.: I know that some bloggers don’t ‘go in’ for the awards process.  If I have unwittingly gone against your wishes for recognition with awards such as these, my apologies in advance!!  Please feel free to disregard this award if it’s just “not your thing.”)

  • Charming Trinity: I adore the simplicity of this blog–each post features a triptych of photos based on a certain theme.  I look forward to seeing what Daniela has posted each morning!
  • Photo Botos: This blog boasts that it supplies viewers with “one spectacular image every day and the story behind it.”  ‘Nuf said.
  • The Book of Alice: Christine may well have the coolest Kidling on the planet–at the very least Alice is one of the most precocious I’ve encountered.  You *never* know what is going to come out of this child’s mouth, but thankfully The Mama is there to capture it for us.
  • Anake Goodall:Anake delivers a constantly inventive and provocative stream of images and videos.  I am always delighted when I see a post from him in my in-box.
  • Only Here Only Now: I’ve only recently begun following Tom’s blog, but it is AMAZING.  You owe it to yourself to stop by….
  • Jane Balshaw: This blog was recently started by an incredibly talented friend–Jane is a textile artist, an aesthetician, and a *wise soul.*  She has just begun her blogging journey, but I know it’s going to be a rich one….
  • Simon Marsh: Simon is an Anglican priest from England and, as they say at home, “a real piece of bread.”  He’s kind and warm and wise and I always feel uplifted after reading one of his posts.

Let them know they are nominated:  Will take care of this momentarily!

Link back to the person who nominated you:

I was recently nominated for the “One Lovely Blog Award” by David Kanigan of “Lead.Learn.Live.” David’s was the first blog I followed when I entered this amazing world, and I continue to be startled by his ingenuity, insight and instinctive ability to post something incredibly helpful, heartening or humorous at *just* the moment it’s needed.  If you are one of the lonely few who hasn’t discovered David’s little corner of the world, DO NOT wait any longer.  You owe it to yourself.

Post the award image to your page. Done.  🙂

Tell seven facts about yourself:

  1. I can make a chocolate bar last for weeks–I like to eat one square at a time.
  2. I do “Jacob’s Ladder” for an hour at a time at the gym.  (cf. #7 above–it’s a bizarre quirk, but there are worse addictions, right?  😉 )
  3. I’ve been all over the world, from Turkey to Tasmania, Spain to South Africa, and I’ve never visited the Grand Canyon. 😦
  4. I’m totally addicted to detective shows–‘Burn Notice,’ ‘Covert Affairs,’ ‘NCIS,’ ‘The Closer,’ ‘Major Crimes,’ — can’t get enough of them.
  5. I’m a voracious reader and especially love books that force me to consult a dictionary at least once every couple of chapters. (As fate would have it, my dear friend Mimi, the gal drivin’ the Karma Truck, recently nominated me for “The {Booker} Award.”  I’ll be fulfilling the obligations of that honor in a future post.)
  6. I adore dogs and love reading about different breeds, their special traits, their genetic background, etc.
  7. For many years, I’ve owned big dogs–German Shepherds, Dobes, Labs–but I’m afraid of cats.

Nominate 10 other blogs

I’m afraid that I don’t have another 10 blogs to nominate–I just don’t follow that many, and I’ve already tipped you off to most of the ones that I *do* keep track of.  That said, here are several that I’d like to recognize.  As I said above, should I have unwittingly gone against your wishes for recognition with awards such as these, my apologies and please feel free to disregard the notice.:

  • Momentum of Joy: Joanna is an amazing, warm, inspiring individual and a lovely blogger indeed….
  • Kizzylee: Kizzylee’s blog is so refreshing–always heartfelt.
  • Analyfe: Erin is a delightful young woman–intelligent, insightful and wise beyond her years.

Let them know they are nominated:  Will do!

Thank you again, Maureen & David, for acknowledging my blog in this kind way and THANK YOU ALL  for allowing me into your lives through this forum–it is truly a privilege….

28 comments on “They like me, they really, really like me!

  1. Rhonda says:

    Worth the wait Lori. You have accepted them with your usual charm and grace. And I have to say, I do so love the 7 thing requirements (well, when someone else has to do them). So…fellow Pony lover…I’ve had 3, my 2nd was laser red…do you still have your 66? if you do, I’ll envy you til the day I die! lol. That’s a neat trick with the chocolate bar…don’t eat the stuff myself (I inject it).
    Love you tons and can’t wait to see you. So much more to learn!!!

    • Awwwwwww, Rhonda, you’re so kind. The 7 requirements *can* be tough, but it is a fun exercise.

      As for my ‘Stang car, no, I’m sorry to say I no longer have it–sold it when I headed for college. I have, however, moved on to a pony of a different stripe–Italian to be precise. My honey repairs and restores the vintage variety, so that’s the pony I play in now. 🙂

      I, too, am soooo looking forward to our October gathering! Xoxo

  2. How lucky am I, that I stop by and find a post with all kinds of nuggets about you…and I already know we like much of the same music! Congrats on the awards…I think it is such a testament to such a warm, real, community the way these awards are given and that at the heart of them is the call to action to share. Would but the rest of the world take a cue! Very fun to be connected here 🙂

    Oh, and warm congrats on your recent big day….funny how that came together for me…tossing rose petals your way!

    • Thx so much for your sweet note, Bonnie! I, too, am delighted that we have connected! Mimi strikes again! 😉

      As for the blogging community, I couldn’t agree more. It really is a lovely group of folks–so friendly, nurturing, funny, inspiring, uplifting, REAL. I’ve only been blogging for about 8 mos. but I just love it.

      And thx for the warm wishes and rose petals on my special day–I really appreciate it.

      Delighted to be following your blog, and so pleased to have you following mine. Looking forward to many more “chats” in the future!

      Warmly, Lori

      • Me too Lori, looking forward to more ‘chats’ as we continue to connect in blogtown! I’ve only been here for about 8-9 months also, and who knew it would be such a warm and nurturing, all the ways you describe it, a haven. A wonderful surprise!
        See you soon, hugs,

  3. Thomas Ross says:


    Late in responding but full of gratitude.

    So glad that we found each other.


  4. I am the slowest responder on awards so I love that you, too, waited a bit! You deserve every award and more! Next time hopefully I will be the person sending the love your direction (maybe on a new blog… 😉 ). Thanks so very much for sharing the love darling! You are the best. Hugs!!! Joanna

    • Hi Joanna! Yes, it takes things a little while to percolate. :-). I always feel so touched that people would think my efforts worthy of acknowledgement, so I want to make sure I do a good job with the response. :-). Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. Christine says:

    Thank you, Lori! It makes me smile when my silly little girl makes other people happy, too.

    Thanks for sharing your stories and pictures. I always appreciate your thoughtfulness and those dogs… they are gorgeous (though I might have a bit of a bias toward a certain B&T girl).

    Happy Friday, Lori. Take care.

    • You’re welcome, Christine. It’s wonderful that you share you little darlin’ with the rest of us.

      And thx for the kind words about the pooches–especially Ms. Thing–she’s my heartsong…. 🙂

      Have a wonderful holiday!

  6. Anne Monahan says:

    I think there cannot possibly be anyone more deserving than Lori! She’s witty, warm, smart as a whip, and face it, anyone who loves dogs and is afraid of cats has to have something going for her! The fact that I am her aunt has absolutely nothing to do with my praises of her!

  7. Congrats Lori. Good for you! Mustang at 16. Top of your class. Neglected to mention univ. This is royalty pedigree. Wow!

  8. mimijk says:

    Yay!! You are a loved, wonderful member of this community and I am THRILLED that you are getting such accolades and acknowledgments. Love you TONS, me

  9. kizzylee says:

    thank you lovely friend i needed something to clear my mind of the formatting hell i am going through ugh i hate formatting 🙂 and this was lovely and the perfect pick me up 🙂 i really appreciate it
    i hope you have a great evening that doesnt involve formatting in any way 🙂

  10. Thank you for your kind words and congratulations. It’s so much fun getting a small peek inside your world.
    A little friendly advice: don’t leave your chocolate bar out near me. You’ll never see it again. : )

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