Crossing the Rubicon….

Exhibit ‘A’

Yes, it’s happened.  I’m ashamed to admit it, but when it comes to the Beauman and Miss Thing, I have crossed the Rubicon.

What’s that you say?  You want proof?  Ok, here it is.  I breezed through HomeGoods the other day to pick up a few supplies–candles, fancy hand soap, some seasonal Tchotchke, you know the drill.  And then I saw them–*designer poop bags*!  Yes, that’s right, a stylish plastic receptacle for pickin’ up poop (for those who weren’t aware, polka dots are in!)  Of course I had to have them.

Believe you me, the title of “fashionista” is not bestowed on just anyone…. 😉

29 comments on “Crossing the Rubicon….

  1. Ok I have a confession. When I first saw the pic and then the purpose, my thought was Oh I want those! Oh dear. I, too, have fallen prey to pretty poop. 😉

  2. As much as everyone around me has advocated for a dog (begging, pleading, posting pictures of bull dogs to my facebook) I can still, even after seeing the scented polka dotted poop bags, say “No”. After four kids I’ve cleaned enough poop to last a life time. Now if they breed a non -shedding, non-pooping dog I’ve even buy it a sweater!

  3. kath says:

    I thank the “canine bodily function” Gods every day when my dogs use the woods like nature intended! I have not had to pick up poop in years! Polka-dotted bags or not!

  4. Thomas Ross says:


    Now I’m embarrassed by my recycled newspaper bags. I just can’t let Sammie see your blog. She’ll feel deprived.

    But very cute.


  5. Rhonda says:

    Okay ladies of my heart…I love my dude too. Truly, would be LOST without him. BUT SERIOUSLY???? Not on your (what’s that he says Lori? something about giddyup?) Life! poop still stinks no matter WHAT color the bag is!

    Love you guys

  6. kizzylee says:

    thats brilliant! i need them in blue for frodo 🙂 thank you for sharing 🙂 have an excellent evening 🙂 xx

  7. mimijk says:

    I prefer to think of this as ‘nothing but the best for my babies’ – a sentiment which is completely reasonable given their adorableness. Besides, Lola may be a fashionista and Beau the sensibilities to appreciate the finer things in life – but they are hardly superficial…

    • I like the way you think. Lola Bug was delighted and immediately insisted on taking a spin through the neighborhood to show off her latest accessory, while Beau grudgingly admitted that the polka dots could be construed as masculine, maybe even metrosexual… 😉

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