More kudos for canine office companions…

Another rough day at the office…

Readers of my blog know that I spend most every work day with my dogs within ‘belly-rubbing distance.’  In fact, I recently posted on the joy I get from having Bug and Beau ‘at work’ with me.  This week, Dennis Wilson of Fast Company weighed in on the benefits.  Great article, so I thought I’d share.

Lola relaxes after a proofreading session.

17 comments on “More kudos for canine office companions…

  1. Love the dogs at work, I raised our two labs (now 9 years old) in my office until they were so big that I couldn’t work in the same space as them. I also have two Boston pups that were at work with me for the first 6 months until they were old enough to stay home for a bit on their own. Our patients love it when I bring them to work and so do the girls. Thanks for posting the great pictures. I have one of Bella my boston typing on my keyboard 🙂

    • No chance of Margot hanging with you at your new job, Christine?

      • Christine says:

        I would be very, very surprised if that would fly. Thankfully we’ve got things figured out so that either The Dada or I will go home every day at lunch to hang out with her a bit and give her a yard break. That will be good for everyone. 🙂

      • That’s unfortunate, as the places where I’ve worked that allowed dogs have only been enriched by the experience. That said, I am fully cognizant that there are always a few twits that can step in and ruin it for the rest of us. Glad that you and The Dada have a routine worked out that will work for Margot. 🙂

  2. How lucky are you!

  3. mimijk says:

    Could they look any happier and at peace?? There’s nothing like hangin’ with mom – and it’s mutual – for there is really nothing like having a tummy within rubbing distance when we need it..hugs, m

    • I know, right?! They are a couple of lounge lizards, no doubt about it. :-). It just pleases me to no end to be working at my desk and hear one of them sigh or start to snore. It’s just so, so sweet….

      • mimijk says:

        Archie is a big snorer, and I love it! Now Andy is a big snorer too – but somehow I don’t love it as much when he does it..:-) I have a really stupid question – have any of your children’s books ever been about Lola and Beau?

      • I SO hear ya, Mimi. Lola’s gentle snuffles are infinitely more adorable than David’s rattling buzz saw at 2 a.m. ;-). As for children’s books about Bug and Beau, no, haven’t done that, but the thought *has* crossed my mind….

      • mimijk says:

        I really think there’s a whole series in them!! Bug and Beau as editors of your books….The animals in the forest as seen by Beau and Lola explorers extraordinaire, understanding dogs from their point of view…OMG – this could be huge! Then there’d be a movie, and a sequel…Can I come to the OScars???

      • Ohhhhh, what a GREAT idea, Mimi! I like the way you think. :-). And girlfriend, a seat with your name on it has already been reserved front and center at the Oscars.

      • mimijk says:

        YAY! I mean…I ‘ll hang back while you and David walk the red carpet with Beau and Lola…but I am definitely going to shop for a dress!! Seriously, I think this would be a fabulous, popular series for little kids…and short, immature adults..:-)

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