Donna and Diablo PSA

Es ist heis. Fa caldo. Il fait chaud.  Whatever way you say it, it’s HOT out!  Here in New Hampshire today, the mercury’s in the low 9os.  Last week my parents in Illinois reported a temp of 104 at midday–NOT heat index–real temp!– and my brother in Texas forlornly informed me last weekend that “It’s been 100 degrees here for a least a month.”

While these blazing temps may be great for your tan, they are NOT good for our canine companions.  My crew has begun dispensing with their business with great alacrity–a quick outing in the morning, a VERY quick midday tour of the yard, and then a bit longer jaunt in the evening after the sun has set.  In between time is spent sprawled on the cool time floor or strategically positioned above one of the AC vents.

As most people know, dogs essentially don’t sweat–most of their sweat glands are located around their foot pads and are not terribly helpful in dissipating heat.  The only real way a dog has to cool off is panting.  Thus is it critically important to be extra vigilant during these warm summer days to make sure our furry friends are kept cool and hydrated.  The most important things to remember:

  • Make sure that your dog has easy access to fresh, clean, cool water.
  • Don’t overdo exercise in the heat–Bug and Beau and I walk early morning or late evening (my brother has resorted to walking his dogs as late as midnight in Texas to avoid the heat)
  • Offer your dogs a cool place to take a dip–if you don’t live near water or have a pool, kiddie pools work great!
  • DO NOT leave your dog in a parked car!!  If you’re running errands, please leave your pet at home.  It takes no time at all for temps inside the car to reach deadly heights.
So pour a cool drink for you and your pet and relax.  As Sam Keen said, “Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.”

For more hot weather tips, visit the ASPCA website.

15 comments on “Donna and Diablo PSA

  1. Low 90’s??? We call that winter here in Houston! Teasing. I know that wonderful sweaty feeling and agree that it is tough on the pooches. we have two sheepdogs and they look at us like we are bananas everyy time we open the door for them to race outside to go to the bathroom. Can’t say I blame them and it’s the fastest I see them run all day! 😉

    • You’re too funny! I lived in San Antonio for a short while and I don’t ever recall the mercury much below the mid 90s. Thought I would *die*. My brother still lives in SA and he said he often walks his two dogs around midnight, ’cause that’s the only time it’s cool enough for them to get in some decent mileage. 😦 I fear my crew is a wee bit spoiled–they spend most of the summer moving from one AC vent to the next…. 😉

  2. Lori, I’ve nominated you for The One Lovely Blog Award. See award @ Congratulations. Dave

  3. […] miles.  Sweat is still top of mind. (And top of head, back, legs, chest. Lori says that dogs sweat through mouth.  You, Pal, sweat from every pore and orifice of your body.  Better get word association cranked […]

  4. * And keep them away from porcupines and skunks!

  5. Christine says:

    We *gasp* shaved Margot’s belly. We always use thinning shears on her coat, but this summer she is just too, too hot. We think she thanks us.

    • I was * just* looking at LolaBug yesterday and thinking, “Perhaps she should get a summer ‘do.’. I have never cut her hair short before, but this year is just so brutal that I may go for it.

      • Christine says:

        We had never done the belly shave before, either. Margot’s mild heart murmur is now moderate, so we are doing whatever we can to keep her cool and comfortable.

    • I’m sure she thx you, Christine! Little girl appreciates that cool air caressing her tummy….

  6. Consider it done! 🙂

  7. mimijk says:

    Hear! Hear!! (or is it ‘here! ‘here!?) We have a pool and ostensibly Archie is part golden, but they hate the water..Nonetheless, I take the sirs down and try to cool them off anyway (Archie gets a ride on the float, Teddy gets carried)…that they like (they are after all royalty – such a concept as swimming alone is anathema to them)…I see a lot of people out with their pooches for their afternoon jogs (the human, not the dog) and the pups are panting and struggling to keep pace. Mornings really are the only time for such activity (it’s better for us to, but presumably we should know better). If it’s hot for us in shorts and t-shirts, can you imagine how it must feel while wearing a fur coat? We love them so much, remember that they’ll do anything to please – even that which is not good for them…Thanks for the reminders Lori – they’re sure timely!! hugs, m

    • I know–my ex and I had a pool and the Dobes acted as though the water were kryptonite–not going anywhere NEAR that stuff, Mom, we’ll melt!! 😉 I think the Sirs have the right idea–they should be borne aloft across the surface of the water, where fresh, cooling breezes can kiss their cheeks and ruffle their fur without that nasty chlorine wrecking their ‘do’. 🙂 And I hear ya about the exercise–*cannot* be too careful!! I saw a woman out running just this morning with a Golden mix (well, *she* was trying to run–the dog had laid down and rolled over on its back by the side of the road, tongue fully extended). All I could think was ‘Good Lord, lady, does that poor dog need to draw ya a picture?! It’s too damn hot out to be running with a fur coat on!!’

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