The joy of ‘woofs’ in your workplace…

“Scratch a dog and you’ll find a permanent job.” 

-Franklin P. Jones

First off, full disclosure.  I work out of my home, so I’m spoiled.  I have Bug and Beau with me every day…and I love it.  If I’m having an ‘off’ day, there’s nothing like a good work break cuddle with my crew to remind me of what’s really important.  When I’m lonely, the gentle whistle and buzz of Miss Thing’s snores (which she would vehemently deny exist, I might add) remind me that I’m not alone.  When writer’s block sets in and my muse, like Elvis, has officially ‘left the building,’ a quick stroll around the neighborhood with the Bug or a raucous game of ball with the Beau man can be just the break I need to get my creative juices flowing once more.

I also experienced the joy and stress relief that dogs can bring to the workplace in my previous life as an employee at Harvard Business Publishing.  We were allowed to bring our dogs to work, provided they were well-behaved, and I have to tell you it really made a difference in the overall feel of the place.  You come to know your co-workers in a new way when, for example, your cube mate’s 140 lb. English Mastiff begins to {ahem} experience the after effects of a treat gone bad. (Yes, the scent is heavier than air….) Or you hear a noise in your cubicle and turn around to discover a distinguished colleague on all fours playing hide-n-seek with your 90 lb. male Dobe.

I was reminded of how lucky I am to share my workplace with my furry crew just yesterday, when NPR weighed in with a story on how ‘punching in with Fido’ can go a long way towards pushing the happiness and productivity meter up at the office.  Let’s face it–it’s hard to be grumpy when the soundtrack to your workday is the soft thwack of a tail on the floor, gentle snoring, or the occasional yip of a dreaming dog.  It doesn’t get much better than that….

12 comments on “The joy of ‘woofs’ in your workplace…

  1. […] most every work day with my dogs within ‘belly-rubbing distance.’  In fact, I recently posted on the joy I get from having Bug and Beau ‘at work’ with me.  This week, Dennis Wilson […]

  2. Loved this Lori…the soft twack of the tail, the quick stroll around the block…dogs…bring the spiritual side out in all of us…

  3. Christine says:

    Oh, dogs. There’s nothing like handing out a little love (in belly-rub form) to make a gal happy. What lovely canine babes you have…

  4. Indira says:

    Woofs are really adorable.

  5. kedelman5 says:

    I was hoping you were going to mention our former place of employ–that had to have been the best thing about it! 🙂

  6. mimijk says:

    When Sir Theodore was a little baby, I’d sneak him into the office..He became everyone’s puppy, knowing when people were having lunch, sleeping under desks while people were on conference calls, and knowing who had treats for him in their office. The morale was the highest its ever been. The comfort of working with these guys around is like having the softest sweater at your disposal. I love the image of you working away, with Bug talking about dreamland and Beau waiting for you to take a break so he can have a rousing game of catch…wonderful!!

    • That’s such a great story, Mimi! I really think having dogs around brings out people’s humanity, and your experience bears that out. You always hear that petting a dog lowers one’s blood pressure, and I believe it. These animals are so intuitive and can be so incredibly therapeutic, as we both know. Quite honestly, I can’t imagine my life without them….

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