Blue Nights…

This week I was afforded the immense privilege of guest blogging on David Kanigan’s wonderful blog, Lead. Learn. Live.  Thank you, David, for this wonderful opportunity!!

While my contribution has nothing whatsoever to do with the Beau Man or Miss Thing, I think they will indulge me this once.

It was a fascinating evening….   Blue Nights….

6 comments on “Blue Nights…

  1. Lori, check out today’s story in NY Times I lke your review so much better!

  2. It’s true, they consistently demonstrate a great deal of forbearance. 😉

  3. Privilege was all ours Lori….all ours.

  4. mimijk says:

    The wonderful thing about your pups is that they will forgive you anything. And if they could read, they would have given you a round of applause (for they have humility too)…

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