Ahhh, the teenage years…..

Mr. Innocent

Beau and I had words this morning.  Actually, *I* had words (many of which I can’t repeat here) and he just sat and looked at me as if to say, “Geesh, mom, YOUR britches sure are in a twist for so early in the morning!  What’s up?”

‘What prompted this exchange?,’ you ask.  Well…..my adorable, 9-month-old bundle of chocolate love hopped out of bed this morning and sauntered down the hall on his way outside to take care of his morning business.  So far so good.  Then it all went south.  Diablo took a left into the upstairs guest room, marched over and LIFTED HIS LEG (no, I’ve never mentioned it because heretofore he’s never done it!!) and proceeded to pee all over the corner of the raw silk (no, that is not a typo) guest bed duvet (did I mention it’s made of raw silk?).  I was rendered momentarily speechless….momentarily.

I immediately grabbed him and marched his little brown bum downstairs and out the door, explaining to him all the while that marking was decidedly NOT an activity that was countenanced in this household and by the way, since when did he lift his leg, and was he familiar with the word ‘neuter.’  He wasn’t then, but I think he is now.  I must confess that he looked a little worried initially, but once he had established that this little ‘morning mishap,’ whatever it was all about, would in no way impact the delivery of his breakfast, he chalked  it up to my need for a caffeinated beverage.

Miss Thing, meanwhile, watched the proceedings from the upstairs hallway with what I could swear was a smirk.  And it’s only Tuesday…..

13 comments on “Ahhh, the teenage years…..

  1. He’s soooo cute. Maybe he just couldn’t wait!

    • Thanks David. Zeke’s a lucky boy– you’re an indulgent dad. 🙂 Methinks the little stinker could hold it just fine…if it were an emergency, he would have gone in the hallway. He made a *special* trip to the guest bedroom–in fact I think I heard his testosterone revving its engine…

      • Wow. Perhaps he simply reacting to the reams of rules and doesn’t know which way to go. He just wants to run. Like a free bird. Little pee pee here and there never hurt anyone.

      • No “reams of rules,” just a few non-negotiables. We chew on our own toys (not the furniture or the other dog), we behave politely toward all guests, and we go *outside* to do our business. I’m actually a pretty indulgent mom, and certainly understand if an accident happens here or there or if someone’s sick and just can’t help himself, but a “fly-by pee session” doesn’t fit any of these categories…. 😉

      • I feel a post coming on. How overbearing puppy owners lead to longer term psychological impairment. Early warning signs? Pee Pee in guest rooms.

      • For some reason, I can’t stop laughing.

  2. kath says:

    Raw silk? Who has raw silk? haha! Not virgin silk anymore I guess! Sorry. Anyways…… Beau can’t be held responsible for what nature told him to do but he sure as heck is responsible for what he knows is wrong! Inside=NO and outside=What a dear sweet boy! Time to consider lopping off the dangly bits? Rudder marked at 9 months and lost his manhood at 10 months! Tug went 14 months and never marked a thing. Both are wonderful, masculine, muscular labradors. And by the way….. who but you can spell anthropomorphizing? And what does that mean????? Geesh, I feel so dumb! haha!

    • Alright, alright, enough busting on me. I fell in love with this particular duvet cover and just had to have it–I know it’s not practical, but ya can’t have the *whole* house ‘dog proofed,’ can you? 😉 And you’re right, Mr. Man knows full well what’s OK and what’s not at this point. We’re going to be making a trip to the vet sooner rather than later I think. As for anthropomorphizing, it means I’m attributing human behavior or characteristics to Beau rather than treating him like a dog. This said by the woman who watched her *dog* open the garage door, give a conspiratorial wave of his paw to Lola, and then head out to explore the ‘hood. Good grief…

  3. Ahh yes, Lola can certainly make her displeasure known. Her little mouth is small, but she shows Beau *all* her “pearly whites” if need be, and believe you me, he gets the message.

  4. mimijk says:

    How can one look at his beautiful eyes and not see his remorse? Oh mom, it was an accident – driven undoubtedly by adolescent hormones and the occasional memory lapses that result. Tho’ I must admit, the choice of the raw silk was a little extreme on his part…(he is so beautiful…sigh…so much for my stern parenting skills)…:-)

    • I know, I know, I actually thought he looked a *little* remorseful as well, then told myself I was probably just anthropomorphizing and making excuses for the little bugger. And yes, his hormones are *raging*. He’s suddenly *delighted* with the fact that Lola Bug is a girl and it matters not a whit that she’s 12 lbs. to his 65–at least not to him. Miss Thing is *not* amused….As for the raw silk, I throw my hands up. There’s a perfectly good COTTON duvet on the downstairs bed that I could easily toss in the wash, but ooohhhh noooo. At any rate, he *is* adorable and believe you me, those looks have saved his bacon on more than one occasion. 🙂 Ah well, this too shall pass….

      • mimijk says:

        It will – and hopefully the dry cleaners can do something with the raw silk…As for Lola, I am hopeful that she can hold her own despite the size differential. Heaven knows when Teddy has had enough of Archie’s teasing, stealing all the toys, etc – he lets him know in no uncertain terms…:-)

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