My crew does this every day–greet a few folks, chew a few bones, spark a few smiles!

Live & Learn

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  1. mimijk says:

    I loved this on David’s site and I love it on yours..In our house, it’s always the bones that do it – the boys are always happy, but they really do smile when it’s treat time!! Have a wonderful day!

    • Absolutely! And Bully Sticks make Bug and Beau spin in circles. :-). They really do remind one every day to find joy in life’s simple pleasures!

      • mimijk says:

        When Archie and Teddy run around with joy like that I take them outside and tell them to ‘get their wiggles’ out – which is exactly what I used to tell my sons when they were little..:-)

      • That’s a riot! Around here we call it “pulling a nutty” or sometimes we’ll open the door and tell Beau to go “do a zoomie,” to which he responds by tearing out the door, doing a couple of mad laps in the front yard like the devil was on his tail, then tearing back into the house and skidding to a stop in front of his water bowl. The performance never fails to send me into a fit of hysterical laughter, which he seems to love. 🙂

      • mimijk says:

        I totally have the visual!! I love the expression ‘do a zoomie!’…that’s perfect!

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