Color me curious….

Our little Cassanova

“With color one obtains an energy that seems to stem from witchcraft.”  

-Henri Matisse

As anyone who follows my blog knows, Beau is a Chocolate Lab.  He’s a beautiful boy, with rich, dark coloring, a stunning head, and eyes that will melt your heart.  The photo on the left is the first picture we took upon bringing him home at 8 weeks.  Hello?!  Beyond cute, right? In case ya can’t see it, the thought bubble above his head reads, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful!”

And he *is* a beautiful boy, inside and out.  His confirmation is lovely to behold, and his personality will warm your soul.  But now to my query….

During our obedience class class this week, the instructor walked toward us and Beau executed a back flip that would easily have earned him a ’10’ with the French judge.  Nicole grinned and said, “Ah, the Chocolates.   They are known for their energy and Beau certainly doesn’t disappoint!  I don’t know if you’re aware, but the Chocolates are generally considered the highest energy of the three Lab colors.  Chocolates are typically high strung, Blacks are generally very mellow, and Yellows are somewhere in the middle.”  Come again?  Well, you know what my next question was:  “When can I expect this level of {ahem} enthusiasm to diminish a bit?”  “Oh, usually between age 3 and age 5 ,” was the reply.  Gulp….

Yet I was also intrigued.  How could a dog’s color have any effect on its personality?  It seems far-fetched, but I also recalled that Red Dobermans have a reputation for being natural born comedians, and that had certainly proved true with mine. Chance was a goof with a great sense of humor, while Emma, my beautiful black girl, had a much more serious outlook on life.

Chance catches up with "Dancing with the Stars."

As soon as I got home,  I hopped online and googled ‘attributes of the color brown’ to see if any light might be shed on the situation.  The response came back: “Brown says stability, reliability, and approachability. It is the color of our earth and is associated with all things natural or organic.”  All very nice and certainly applicable to Beau.  He’s got a very stable, even temperament; he’s certainly very approachable (he exudes “Come love on me!” out of every pore); he’s most definitely earth colored; and there’s NO question that he enjoys “all things natural and organic:” rocks, sticks, dirt, bugs, you get the idea….

So I put the question out there–do you think a dog’s personality could be linked to its color?  What’s your personal experience been?

Lola, of course, feels that color matters not a whit.  She’s black and tan and she wears it well.  Like Mae West, Miss Thing’s attitude is simple:  Whatever your color,  “It is better to be looked over than overlooked.”  Indeed…..

2 comments on “Color me curious….

  1. Ted Ferguson says:

    Our black flat coated retriever is a complete spaz. Not sure how well that correlates with your assessment of Emma! May have to check into the different flavors of Goldens as well now that you have piqued my interest…

    • I would be *very* curious to see if you hear anything from the Golden world. Cavaliers come in four different colors/combos, and I have never heard anything about them, but the Dobes definitely, and now the Labs.

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