Bug and Beau “do lunch”

“A guest never forgets the host who had treated him kindly.”  


As you may have gathered by now, Lola Bug and Beau are very social animals.  They love *everyone* — the mail lady, the UPS man, the kennel staff and visitors to the house.  They’re especially fond of the latter, as those individuals tend to stay awhile and while they’re here, chances are good that either (or both) of the dogs can craftily position themselves beneath an idle hand for a bit of rubbing and general adoration.

Yesterday David’s parents were visiting, so the ‘kids’ had a jackpot of two guests to shuttle back and forth between.  After some initial {ahem} exuberance on Beau’s part (have you ever witnessed a 6-mos Lab puppy jump up almost even with a grown man’s nose?!  Saw it yesterday with my own eyes), Bug and Beau settled down and played the perfect house guests.

Steve & Beau

Jacqueline & Beau

While Beau worked the crowd, Lola laid back and, in typical diva fashion, waited for the admirers to come to her. As Lola’s idol, Mae West, once said, “I’ve been in more laps than a napkin.”  When you’re this good looking, you can afford to play it a little cooler.

The queen on her throne

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