A milestone is reached….

This week marked a milestone for the Beau man–no, he didn’t lift his leg to pee or execute a razor-sharp recall when I opened the door and screamed, “Beau, come!”  It was something much more profound:  Beau made his first trip to the puppy day spa!  😉

Ok, ok, it’s not REALLY a spa (but let’s keep that *our* little secret, as that’s the line I’ve been giving Lola bug and so far she’s buyin’ it….).  It’s a little ‘mom and pop’ groomer called “Ruff to Fluff” in Manchester.  Laura does a great job and she’s very reasonable.  Beau came home looking very handsome, sporting a little bandana and smelling like a bin of freshly laundered sheets.

Laura said that he was *very* good (although he apparently did a little ‘zoomy’ around the shop at one point, chatting up all of the Poodles, Pekinese and Min Pins in close proximity).

We bathe him here at home and I dremel his nails once or twice a week, but we figured it would be good for him to start acclimating to a groomer as well.  I’m happy to say that he did great and Laura invited him back anytime.  He pranced around the house all afternoon (I think he even winked at himself in the mirror once).  I’ve got to agree with him–how can you not love *that* face?!

One comment on “A milestone is reached….

  1. Leslie says:

    It just goes to show what a little pampering does for the soul…thanks for sharing! 😉

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