Chewing: A Postscript

Yesterday I talked about an assortment of chew toys that are popular here at Chez Feinberg.  As Beau helpfully pointed out this morning, however, there was one that I overlooked:  the TV remote.

Yep, just a few unguarded moments in the shower this morning and our remote is no longer REMOTELY functional.  Training is already underway for Beau as to how to move his little brown bum off the bed and over to the TV to change the channel for us during evening viewing hours.  🙂

Did I mention we started obedience classes last night?……

6 comments on “Chewing: A Postscript

  1. billy brooks says:

    i just love being a doubting thomas.

    if beau chews on directv remotes (he may be trying to tell you something).

    i have always been a non-conformist.

    i had a professor in college who said ” when you grow up, you need to be a public agitator”.

    perhaps beau shares the same characteristics.

    being a public agitator is not all that bad.

    provided you learn to pee outside….

    shims to adjust ferrari bucket tappets are hugely more important than directv remotes.

  2. Good eye, Bill. It was, indeed, a DirectTV remote that bit the dust. We’ve ordered two replacements–hopefully we can limp through the next few months with those.

    As for tracking devices, not sure, but I *have* noticed that everytime Beau walks into the living room now the channel switches to Animal Planet. Hmmmm…..

  3. billy brooks says:

    i hate directv. looks like their remote.

    only a good dog with sensibilities could be so perseptive!

    however… are you sure there are no gps tracking devices inside the remote that coud be

    if you see strange men in long black coats snooping around, you’ll know.

    just askin’

  4. kath says:

    Strange! The only 2 things Tug has destroyed are 2 remotes! They must taste like chicken!

  5. Ted Ferguson says:

    Wow. Impressive level of destruction from small package…

  6. Mary McLaughlin says:

    It’s a good thing he’s cute!

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