A paean to beds

The bed has become a place of luxury to me!  

I would not exchange it for all the thrones in the world.”

–Napolean Bonaparte

Despite their monikers, Bug and Beau are  actually very easygoing animals, generally content with the simple things in life.  Their list of favorite things is long: walks, breakfast, treats, lunch, treats, dinner, treats, toys, car rides, bones, and cuddles to name a few.  But of all these things, few score higher than their beds.

Lola Bug goes to her bed and settles in each night with nary a peep.  She waits for her nighttime cookie dutifully, perched on her pillow like the Princess and the Pea.  We don’t hear another sound out of her (except for the occasional buzzsaw snoring) until the next morning.

In Beau’s case, conversely, there IS a place that’s more enticing than his bed…..OURS.  From the time he was a baby, Beau has slept better in our bed than anyplace else he settles.  (Somehow I doubt that this is a coincidence…..)  We indulged him when he was younger, as quite honestly WE were keen on a little sleep each night as well, but now that he’s older and BIGGER, things need to change.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good boy, crate trained and quite willing to trot dutifully into his little domain whenever it’s requested.  Unfortunately, however, at about 2:30 or 3 a.m. each night he decides he’s had enough and would REALLY prefer to rest his head on 300 thread-count sheets instead of on that silly little fleece mattress. (Perhaps you’re beginning to see, now, from whence the nickname ‘Diablo’ comes….)

And I must confess, neither of us is particularly good at playing the heavy when it comes to sending him packing. Ahhhh well, as Longfellow said, “Youth comes but once in a lifetime.”  Might as well enjoy it, and him, while we can.

10 comments on “A paean to beds

  1. sharalynlovesanimals says:

    Love this post, especially the photo of Diablo as a puppy stretched on your bed. I have created a monster with my “nephew dog”, Jack as I have let him sleep in our bed whenever he stays over. Now that he is here for a longer visit, we thought that we should have him sleep in his bed….HA! That wasn’t going to happen and could we actually say “no” to that face! So, he continues to sleep between us and I think, is very content! Thanks for sharing your adorable four-legged family members!

  2. David says:

    IMHO, you are sunk! That picture of him next to your pillow while you eyes are closed … forget it … in “labspeak” he’s saying: “Hee, hee, hee … I’ve got her right where I want her!” The puppy shot on his back is delicious. My 7 year-old girl, Liz, hogs the bed every night and snores like a drunken sailor … lying on her back with her hed on the pillow! Amazing … I’ve spoiled her rotten and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Beau is a beautiful piece of chocolate Lab love.

    • Yes, I think you’re right. I fear at the ripe old age of 6 months he’s got us pretty well trained…..

      • David says:

        Only the beginning! My grand, late boy, Smoke, was just as full of tricks and surprises in his last year as he was in his first. His son, Zappa, is now 5 years old and gets himself into trouble as often as possible. Great blog, by the way.

      • Thx so much for your comments and participation! It’s delightful to hear of others’ experiences. I adore my dogs and it’s obvious yours are similarly loved. I am really enjoying sharing our stories–stay tuned, I am sure we’ll have many more adventures.

  3. kath says:

    Try having 2- 75lb labs in bed! We had to resort to making them sleep in the kitchen so we could actually sleep! However when Bill works nights………….screw that! I sleep on the sliver of an edge I’m allowed! And love every minute of it! haha! You go Beau! You make the breed proud!

  4. Joy Raskin says:

    Oh, my mom and I completely understanded about dogs preferring our beds rather than theirs. In the first year I had my dog, Bosco was good about sleeping in his bed. About 2 years ago, Bosco would sneak into my bed about an hour before I wake up. Now, he goes off to my bed on his schedule, and then I turn in, but first, I gotta push him down to the foot of bed. Word of warning – a small twin bed, small to med size dog and one human makes for an interesting sleeping positions. I refuse to upsize my bed just to accommodate my dog – he just has to put up with my feet.
    Enjoyed your blog.

  5. kedelman5 says:

    Love it! And the pics! Keep ’em coming, Lori! Xoxo

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